Walk with the Dragon

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According to the research of Hakka folk experts, the Hakkas who came to Taiwan two hundred years ago will look for the mountain dragon god to build a village, survive by the mountain dragon god, and create a unique culture. The dragon god is not only the patron saint of the village but also of the Hakka people. Therefore, we can see the incense burner of the dragon in the temple and the worship hall for ancestors in Hakka’s home. The dragon has become the unique belief of the Hakkas. They are romantics and surrounded by folktales.
Since 2020, ”Walk with the Dragon” has been officially included in the second step of the Miaoli Bombing dragon, becoming the Seven Steps of Dragon Bombing: Making of Dragon, Walk with the Dragon, Dotting the Eyes of the Auspicious Dragon, Greeting the Dragon, Following the Dragon, Night of Dragon Bombing, The Ascension of the Dragon. Before Dotting the Eyes of the Auspicious Dragon, the “Hakka Dragon Altar” was set up in Miaoli City, and the ceremony made the entire cultural system more complete and unique. Miaoli is a city of the dragon. We dedicate developing our creativity and shaping the image of Hakka Dragon God. To show the world how wonderful our culture is.