Hakka Dragon Altar

Time:Feb, 9~Feb, 17
Venue:TRA Miaoli Station West Square

Patrol of the Dragon

Feb,5(Sat)11:00-12:00Plaza of Yongchang Temple, Nanzhuang Township
Feb,5(Sat)14:00-15:00Plaza of Shang Shun World, Toufen City
Feb,6(Sun)11:00-12:00Plaza of Dahu Wineland Resort, Dahu Township
Feb,6(Sun)14:00-15:00Plaza of Wugu Temple, Gongguan Township

Dotting the Eyes of the Auspicious Dragon、Miaoli Hakka Dragon Competition、Blessing of the Heavenly Dragon

Time:Feb, 9 (Wed) (9th Day of the First Month based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar),8:00-12:30am
Venue:Miaoli City, Plaza in front of Yuqing Temple
TimeEvent Process
08:30-08:35Opening statement by the event host
08:35-08:50Welcome address
08:50-09:20Dotting the eyes of the Auspicious Dragon
◎Incense burning & prayers, announcements, and commendations
◎Dotting the eyes
09:20~09:30Prepare of event
09:30~10:00Blessing of the Heavenly Dragon
10:00-12:00Miaoli Hakka Dragon Competition
12:00-12:15Award ceremony
12:15-12:30Performance and dragon bombing by the top three Dragon Teams
12:30-End of event

Street Parade

Time:Feb, 11(Fri) (11th Day of the First Month based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar),18:00-22:00pm
Venue: Miaoli City Downtown

◎The Miaoli Trangole

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◎The Miaoli Train Station

TimeEvent Process
19:05-19:30Dragon Bombing at Fixed Locations
19:30-20:30Community group performance
20:30-21:10Street Parade Performances
21:10-21:30Dragon Bombing Finale at Fixed Locations
21:30End of event

Night of the Dragon Bombing

Time:Feb, 12(Sat) (12th Day of the First Month based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar),17:00-21:00pm
Venue: Riverside Park,JingguoRoad,Miaoli City

TimeEvent Process
17:00-18:30◎Pili Dragon Bombing Experience
◎Parent-child Activities
18:30-18:45The drama of Government Ethics Office - It's just a gift
19:00-19:05Opening statement by the event host
19:05-19:25Introduction of VIP Guests, Welcome address
19:25-19:35Opening performance-Blessing Hakka dance– Toufen Royalty dance club
19:35-19:40Bombing ceremony
19:40-19:45Dragon Dance experience for honored guests
19:45-20:05Image of Dragon Bombing - Repretory Theatre
20:05-20:10First round of Dragon Bombing
20:10-20:15Award-Coloring competition
20:15-20:25Second wave - Dragon Team Performance
20:25-20:30Second round of Dragon Bombing
20:30-20:40Performance-Celebration of the Lantern Festival – Ciou Ke Fen dance club
20:40-20:50Third wave - Dragon Team Performance
20:50-20:55Third round of Dragon Bombing
20:55-21:05Cleaning – Prepare fire dance performance
21:05-21:30Finale-Taiwan Fire Dragon
A brand new performance from Coming True Fire Group
21:30End of event

◎Shuttle Information

Date:February12 (Sat)
Shuttle Route A
Departure Times:16:00-23:00(Last Shuttle)
Miaoli Train Station → Miaoli General Hospital → Site of Dragon Bombing Activities → Return
Shuttle Route B
Departure Times:16:00-23:00(Last Shuttle)
Miaoli HSR Station → Beishi Bridge → Miaoli County Stadium → Activity Site → Xindong Bridge → Return

Ascension of the Dragon

Time:Feb, 17(Thu) (17th Day of the First Month based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar),21:00-24:00pm
Venue:Wuwenchang Temple, JiashengVillage,Miaoli City

TimeEvent Process
22:00-22:05Opening statement by the event host
22:05-22:20Welcome address
22:20-23:00Dragon Dance Performance
23:00-24:00Ceremony for the Ascension of the Dragon
24:00A perfect conclusion to the events, see you again next year!